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BMW 5th series. New information

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2009

BMW 5th seriesBefore display of new generation BMW 5th series remains very little. Most likely, this car will be already presented in January 2010, and model sales should begin more close by the spring. Now engineers BMW finish road tests of model. New "five" hardly becomes larger than nowadays exhausted car – its length will make 4860 mm that on 20 mm more than now. And, the sizes of the car will increase not only because of other bumpers, but also thanks to a wheelbase which becomes more. Well and under "a five" cowl will appear both old engines, and the new or seriously modernised power units. For example, Bavarians will exhaust model 520d with the diesel motor in volume of 2.0 l (163 h.p.). Such car begins to spend for each 100 km of a way in the so-called commixed cycle only 4,1 l of fuel.

BMW 5th series

Most powerful "five" will receive the 4,4-litre unit with a turbo-supercharging which now put on X6 and sedans of 7th series. This motor gives out already 407 h.p. – for comparison earlier the most powerful standard "five" had 4,8-litre V8 capacity of 367 h.p. (model M5 in this case is not considered). Besides, occurrence hybrid 5 is not excluded also. And, Germans can begin release of cars both with a petrol-electric motor, and diesel-electric engine.

BMW 5th series

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Audi Q7 exclusive concept

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Audi Q7 exclusive conceptAudi declared the demands acceptance beginning on the most exclusive and expensive version of off-road car Q7. This car will be called Q7 Audi exclusive concept. According to representatives of the German company, this car will reflect «a essence of concept exclusive». At the heart of Q7 Audi exclusive concept concept car Audi Q7 Coastline which Russian debut has taken place in 2008 on the international motor show ММАС. Under a car cowl there is diesel engine V12 which gives out 500 h.p. and 1000 Nm. But the motor here nevertheless not the main thing, after all diesel engine V12 put and on usual Q7.

The unique inner trim – here that amazes in Q7 Audi exclusive concept. Seats, side faces of doors and a baggage compartment are sheathed by a white skin with contrast seams of brown tone. This visual theme finds the development in registration of a front panel and the check point lever, only colours are interchanged the position – a dark skin and white stitches. Doors, a front panel and the central extension housing of the car are in addition issued by the decorative elements executed from the American nut with inserts from a dark oak. This refined material also finishes a baggage compartment floor that gives to the car similarity to the magnificent yacht. Price will be about 300 000 usd.

Audi Q7 exclusive concept

Audi Q7 exclusive concept

Audi Q7 exclusive concept

Audi Q7 exclusive concept

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Mitsubishi Evo MR Touring

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Company Mitsubishi declared the prices for new model Evo MR Touring in the USA. The base version will manage to Americans in 40 990 dollars, and for the fully completed variant it is necessary to give about forty seven thousand.

The buyer will receive for this money almost completely an aluminium 291-strong super-sedan with the turbo four-cylinder motor, underwheel switches, six-step transmission, a two-friction clutch transmission, brakes Brembo, 18-inch disks BBS, rubber Yokohama Advans and system of all wheel drive S-AWC.

However, all it is and in usual Evo, therefore the basic difference MR Touring justifying so high price, there was an increased level of comfort which puts the car in one number with BMW, Audi and Mercedes. It some kind of Evo for those who has grown.

The complete set of standard equipment Touring includes the new information display of higher permission, a transparent front part of a roof and upholstered with a genuine leather of sitting Recaro with heating up function. The additional equipment and sound insulation have added some superfluous kgs which have been partly compensated by replacement of the big rear rear wing by a spoiler by a boot lid.

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Lamborghini Murcielago 750 h.p

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

German tuning studio JB Design has exhausted a full package of completions for LP-640 which changes the car almost completely. The engine power, for example, can be increased about 714 or 750 horsepowers, and underwheel petals are replaced by the switch in style Formula-1. The structure carbon weather-cloth included a front and rear spoiler, the rear choke tube, thresholds with air intakes, and also a boot lid and a motor compartment. Wheels have changed on 20-inch, Schmidt Revolution, with rubber Michelin. The car interior has been improved at the expense of furnish by an exclusive skin, synthetic suede and carbon. Besides, stock exhaust system has been replaced on regulated, and the body is painted by the unique paint, which price – 280 000 euros for litre.

The total cost of all completions can exceed an euro half-million, however for the copy represented in photos in JB Design ask 355 thousand.

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Volkswagen Beetle appears in 2012

New Volkswagen Beetle will appear on sale in 2012. According to the head of the American division of concern Volkswagen Stefan Jakobi, the car hardly will be larger than present "Bug" and, the most important thing, in interior Beetle will appear much more places. It becomes possible first of all at the expense of wheelbase increase (by the way, at the heart of new Beetle there will be a platform from the seventh generation Golf which is now developed).

Besides, it became known that for appearance of third generation Volkswagen Beetle will personally answer Walter de Silva which has taken a hand in many cars of concern Volkswagen. At first in the market should appear usual 3-doors hatchback. Then the cabriolet turn will come. And whether here will start on the basis of Beetle to do a crossover, it is not known yet. It is not excluded that there will be also such model, after all small crossovers are now extremely popular.

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Posted on Friday, October 9, 2009

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