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Volkswagen Beetle appears in 2012

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Volkswagen Beetle will appear on sale in 2012. According to the head of the American division of concern Volkswagen Stefan Jakobi, the car hardly will be larger than present "Bug" and, the most important thing, in interior Beetle will appear much more places. It becomes possible first of all at the expense of wheelbase increase (by the way, at the heart of new Beetle there will be a platform from the seventh generation Golf which is now developed).

Besides, it became known that for appearance of third generation Volkswagen Beetle will personally answer Walter de Silva which has taken a hand in many cars of concern Volkswagen. At first in the market should appear usual 3-doors hatchback. Then the cabriolet turn will come. And whether here will start on the basis of Beetle to do a crossover, it is not known yet. It is not excluded that there will be also such model, after all small crossovers are now extremely popular.

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