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BMW 5th series. New information

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2009

BMW 5th seriesBefore display of new generation BMW 5th series remains very little. Most likely, this car will be already presented in January 2010, and model sales should begin more close by the spring. Now engineers BMW finish road tests of model. New "five" hardly becomes larger than nowadays exhausted car – its length will make 4860 mm that on 20 mm more than now. And, the sizes of the car will increase not only because of other bumpers, but also thanks to a wheelbase which becomes more. Well and under "a five" cowl will appear both old engines, and the new or seriously modernised power units. For example, Bavarians will exhaust model 520d with the diesel motor in volume of 2.0 l (163 h.p.). Such car begins to spend for each 100 km of a way in the so-called commixed cycle only 4,1 l of fuel.

BMW 5th series

Most powerful "five" will receive the 4,4-litre unit with a turbo-supercharging which now put on X6 and sedans of 7th series. This motor gives out already 407 h.p. – for comparison earlier the most powerful standard "five" had 4,8-litre V8 capacity of 367 h.p. (model M5 in this case is not considered). Besides, occurrence hybrid 5 is not excluded also. And, Germans can begin release of cars both with a petrol-electric motor, and diesel-electric engine.

BMW 5th series

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