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Lamborghini Murcielago 750 h.p

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

German tuning studio JB Design has exhausted a full package of completions for LP-640 which changes the car almost completely. The engine power, for example, can be increased about 714 or 750 horsepowers, and underwheel petals are replaced by the switch in style Formula-1. The structure carbon weather-cloth included a front and rear spoiler, the rear choke tube, thresholds with air intakes, and also a boot lid and a motor compartment. Wheels have changed on 20-inch, Schmidt Revolution, with rubber Michelin. The car interior has been improved at the expense of furnish by an exclusive skin, synthetic suede and carbon. Besides, stock exhaust system has been replaced on regulated, and the body is painted by the unique paint, which price – 280 000 euros for litre.

The total cost of all completions can exceed an euro half-million, however for the copy represented in photos in JB Design ask 355 thousand.

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