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Mitsubishi Evo MR Touring

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Company Mitsubishi declared the prices for new model Evo MR Touring in the USA. The base version will manage to Americans in 40 990 dollars, and for the fully completed variant it is necessary to give about forty seven thousand.

The buyer will receive for this money almost completely an aluminium 291-strong super-sedan with the turbo four-cylinder motor, underwheel switches, six-step transmission, a two-friction clutch transmission, brakes Brembo, 18-inch disks BBS, rubber Yokohama Advans and system of all wheel drive S-AWC.

However, all it is and in usual Evo, therefore the basic difference MR Touring justifying so high price, there was an increased level of comfort which puts the car in one number with BMW, Audi and Mercedes. It some kind of Evo for those who has grown.

The complete set of standard equipment Touring includes the new information display of higher permission, a transparent front part of a roof and upholstered with a genuine leather of sitting Recaro with heating up function. The additional equipment and sound insulation have added some superfluous kgs which have been partly compensated by replacement of the big rear rear wing by a spoiler by a boot lid.

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