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BMW Concept ActiveE

Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009

On a motor show in Detroit company BMW will present new concept – it is a question about car with an electric motor which has received name Concept ActiveE. And, in this case it is a question not of a hybrid, namely about an electropenalty which can be recharged from the electric socket connection. Heads BMW assure that in Detroit will be shown not simply concept, and car almost ready to a batch production by which will start to do by small circulation already in the near future. So, these cars become means of transportation of participants of Olympic games of 2012 (company BMW became one of the main sponsors of this action).

The electromotor established for this car gives out 170 h.p., and energy the power unit will receive from two litievo-ionic accumulators (one will be located on a place of a fuel tank, and another under a cowl). Stocks of accumulators should suffice on 160 km of a way. For an electromobile this quite decent distance.

However BMW 1-series Concept ActiveE will differ not only zero blowout of harmful substances in atmosphere, but also quite good dynamics. So, 0-60 km/h the car can be dispersed for 4,5 sec, and about 0-100 km/h less than for 9 sec. As to the maximum speed it will be limited at level of 144 km/h – if go faster accumulators will be discharged very quickly.

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