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Extreme Ford Mustang

Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ford MustangThe founder of Munich tuning studio GeigerCars Charles Gejger long since adores the American cars. And it is unimportant, what mark. The main thing that the car bore a brand «Made in USA». Gate of its studio left "pumped over" road cars, crossovers, off-road cars, superpenalties and even such exotic for Europe as heavy pickup Ford F-650. The newest working out GeigerCars – an extreme sport car on the basis of Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. This car in itself uncommon enough, but in GeigerCars it have transformed in present superpenalties.

There have begun Germans of that have pumped in steroids 5,4-litre "eight" (in the standard it gives out 540 h.p. and 690 Nm). Having increased forced aspiration to 1,8 bars, having established new system of injection, cooling, a head of the cylinder block and having copied the program of a control package the engine, capacity of the motor managed to be hoisted to 810 h.p. and 945 Nm. By itself, it was necessary to finish and six-step mechanical gear box which has received disks from carbon fiber. Sports character of the car 380 mm underline brake plates with the six-piston calipers, the recustomized, underestimated suspender, 20-inch disks OZ Racing and low profile rubber Michelin dimension 245/35 in front and 285/30 behind

Ford Mustang

As a result of all these shifts GeigerCars Mustang GT500 will arrange on road many known sport cars as about 355 km/h are capable to be dispersed. Germans traditionally do not inform cost of the road shell. Probably, each car will prepare under the concrete customer. It the total absence of alterations in interior speaks also. After all the potential buyer himself will choose materials of furnish and other options. Clearly as that some tens will be exhausted similar cars a little, at the best. After all in Europe not too it is a lot of fans of the American cars. At Europeans, as it is known, own pride, and they look down on transatlantic maskl-penalties. However, it does not disturb Charles Gejgera's studio which year to exhaust all rather not ordinary and original cars.

Ford Mustang

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