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New BMW 5 Touring

Posted on Monday, March 15, 2010

BMW 5 TouringBMW has presented the first official photos of the versatile person of 5th series. The car by tradition will be called BMW 5 Touring. The new versatile person has turned out at Bavarians very beautiful. Certainly, the car it is necessary to look "alive" but while there is a sensation that the versatile person on the basis of "five" looks is much more sports, than larger BMW 5GT.

The volume of a luggage compartment of the new versatile person became hardly more than earlier. Now it is a question about 560 l at the hoisted rear armchairs, and if necessary it will be possible to change a discharge angle of backs of rear armchairs, having increased luggage compartment volume by 30 l. To passengers thus will be not so comfortably, but there will be a possibility to load more than things. If to combine rear seats then the luggage compartment volume will make already 1670 l.

BMW 5 Touring

The slowest versatile persons of 5th series will be equipped with the 2,0-litre unit which gives out 184 h.p. (version BMW 520d Touring). The second diesel engine in volume of 3,0 l will already have 245 h.p. (530d). Petrol motors while two pieces. The 3,0-litre atmospheric gives out 204 h.p. (BMW 523i), and the motor of the same volume, but with a turbo-supercharging will please already 306 h.p. (535i). All engines can work both together with 6-step mechanics, and with 8-step automatic machin.

BMW 5 Touring

BMW 5 Touring

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