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New Kia Sportage

Posted on Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kia SportageRemember the first generation Kia Sportage? It was ordinary-looking enough frame off-road car which involved buyers with exclusively low price. However those times have passed for a long time already. And new, already the third under the account, generation Sportage superfluous to volume the proof. Shown in Geneva Kia Sportage really surprises. Kia has exhausted rather bright and interesting car which will use decent demand in the market (though here all depends on the price which is not declared yet). Look at this car once again. It can be pleasant, it can not be pleasant, but indifferent Sportage will leave nobody. And for these many thanks it is necessary to tell to the main designer of Kia who before our eyes is engaged in creation of face of the company Kia.

At the heart of the third Sportage the same platform on which it is already constructed Hyundai ix35 lies. In front here traditional racks McPherson, a rear suspension multilever. In general, classics for modern crossovers.

Kia Sportage

At first on Sportage will put only two motors. It is the petrol 2,0-litre unit (163 h.p. and 194 Nm) and a diesel engine of the same volume (136 h.p. and 304 Nm). But in the end of 2010 the scale of power units will be already expanded. There will be a new 1,7-litre diesel engine which gives out 115 h.p. both 255 Nm, and the petrol motor in volume of 1,6 l (140 h.p. and 166 Nm).

Predictably, new Sportage became more than the predecessor. The length of the car has grown on 90 mm (to 4440 mm), the width has increased on 15 mm, and a wheelbase by 10 mm. In general, in interior should become more spacious. Though if you planned on Sportage to leave sometimes on impassability pleasures at you will be not so much. After all front lower became more on 10 mm, rear at once on 70 mm. And, the most important thing, the road gleam has decreased. If earlier it was 195 mm, now only 170 mm. Therefore there is nothing surprising that Sportage will be offered not only in version AWD, but also with a drive gear on a front axle.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage

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