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Polo GTI and CrossPolo. Who win?

Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polo GTICompact family Polo actively extends – after "usual" hatchbacks Volkswagen has presented new versions of model. On Geneva motor show debuted "charged" Polo GTI and "off-road" CrossPolo.

Let's begin with the sportsman. Under a cowl stylish 3-doors car (however, it is accessible also five-door variant) – known on SEAT Ibiza CUPRA the 180-strong motor in volume of 1,4 litres, equipped with a turbo-supercharging and a mechanical supercharger. A twisting moment – 250 Nm. The gear box – 7-step "robot" DSG is similar also. Is here and electronic imitation of blocking of differential XDS.

But, unlike Spanish "sister", the German types "hundred" for 6,9 seconds, instead of 7,2 sec. Hardly above and the maximum speed – 229 km/h against 225. As to comparison with usual Polo, in interior GTI – "checkered" seats with the developed lateral support and already traditional for GTI a wheel with the rim cut from below. There are also pleasant options like the bi-xenon headlights and a panoramic glass roof.

Polo GTI

In 17-inch wheel disks with tyres Dunlop SP SportMaxx more powerful brakes hide, and under a body the sports suspender with the ground clearance reduced by 15 mm disappears. But in this season to enjoy a sound of final system with chromeplated under powerful speedup Europeans can only. In Germany Polo GTI will appear on sale in May, in Great Britain – in August.

Polo GTI

It is necessary to be reserved by the same patience and that who without mind from new Volkswagen CrossPolo. However, this time differences from usual Polo 1-2 and not more. Want to check? Bend fingers: the ground clearance increased by 15 mm (contrast GTI!), "an off-road" weather-cloth from unpainted plasticity, silvery roofrack and nice 17-inch wheels.


That's all! But also such set, undoubtedly, the drivers who are not especially troubling with the thoughtful relation to a parking will estimate. Somewhere a kerbs, somewhere a snowdrift, and to it though henna. Motors for CrossPolo it is offered whole six on a choice (three petrol from 70 to 105 h.p. and three diesel from 75 to the same of 105 h.p.), and as an option for any of them it is offered 7-step DSG.

And here it is not necessary to stammer at all wheel drive – driving wheels only lobbies. But to boredom correct interior Polo is changed favourably by a two-coloured upholstery of seats and doors. As well as in a case with GTI, the first on themselves Germans will test a novelty.



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