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Dagger GT from TranStar Racing

Posted on Monday, July 5, 2010

Dagger GT1000 h.p. Bugatti Veyron for a long time any more is not considered the most powerful super car on planet. And now it was rolled away in a rating further away because in the USA appears car more powerfully Bugatti Veyron exactly twice. The American company TranStar Racing has created this monster which has received name Dagger GT. Design Dagger GT was created by Fil Franc, one of founders super car Saleen S7 – the winner of last Le Mans in category LM GT1 . Engine 9,4 litre twin-turbo eight from company Nelson Racing Engines who have already participated in due time in creation of the 1800-strong motor for super car Mosler Red Devil.

At the heart of Dagger GT the strongest, spatial frame from chrome steel on which body panels from composites are fixed lies. Americans underline that many details and car knots are made with application of aviation and space technologies, and many questions of engineers TranStar Racing was solved in communication with NASA experts. The motor is established before a rear axle and aggregated from a six-speed transmission. The engine works on a special mixture – racing gasoline, a metazero and ethanol, and develops capacity in 2000 h.p. (2710 Nm). For today any serial car in the world does not possess such dynamic characteristics as Dagger GT – dispersal to first hundred occupies only 1,7 sec, and the maximum speed makes 483 km/h.

TranStar Racing plans to exhaust Dagger GT in three versions – the racing bolide intended only for competitions, super car for public roads and the luxury car with rich furnish and equipment GT-X. Each car will differ from another furnish of an interior and to be under construction under the concrete customer. The engine, a check point and cost in $450 000 will be base only. It is clear that this price initial, and after installation by request of the client additional equipment, it considerably will grow.

The first commodity Dagger GT will arrive to customers in 2011, and from five cars planned to manufacture three are already sold, and in 2012 TranStar Racing plans to exhaust already 10 sport cars.

Dagger GT

Dagger GT

Dagger GT

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