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Volvo V60: third MPV in Swedish family

Posted on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Volvo V60In Europe demand for station wagons of the most different sizes is so great that Swedes should fill a niche between rather small V50 and monumental V70. Last generation of sedan S60 actually did not have a pair in the form of the versatile person, after all practical version V70 has been created on the basis of larger sedan S80 and played in other price league. Presented now V60 has turned out on the size less: the baggage compartment volume in comparison with the big brother was reduced from 575 to 430 l. It is necessary to tell that on this parametre the fresh model cannot impose struggle to competitors: at Audi A4 Avant – on 60 l it is more, and VW Passat Variant surpasses the Swedish model on the whole 175 l.

But prompt appearance of a novelty is not deceptive. Volvo V60 the most dynamical station wagon in scale of the Swedish company. With flagman three-litre turbo-six (304 h.p.) the car has dynamics of a hot hatchback: dispersal to 100 km/h occupies onlyl for 6,6 sec.

Also at scale of engines V60 there are three more petrol motors (150, 180 and 240 h.p.) and three diesel engines: 115, 163 and 205 h.p. Possibilities of transformation interior makes V60 almost same practical, as a family minivan. The rear sofa is transformed in proportions 40:20:40, the front passenger armchair develops, forming an equal surface. By tradition Swedes expand the list of the equipment providing safety. As an option on V60 will be possible to order the system tracing pedestrians on a carriageway which has function completely an automatic brake: in case of need it will carry out emergency slowdown faster, than would be made by the average driver.

Volvo V60

Volvo V60

Volvo V60

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