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Porsche Cajun

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The top management of the Porsche company has officially approved release of a new compact crossover which will stand on a step below present Cayenne. Besides, the name for this car – Cajun is confirmed also. It is expected that new Porsche Cajun truth will receive a platform from Audi Q5, it will be modernized in the most serious image. After all if in Audi adjust the cars first of all on comfort, Porsche prepares to construct the present sports car. Only with a bit increased road gleam.

Now many people are assured that Porsches Cajun will exhaust only in a three-door variant. After all crossovers, let even sports, buy all the same in a five-door variant more often. The diesel unit in volume of 2,0 l and capacity of 188 h.p. certainly becomes the base engine for Porsche Cajun, most likely, for the car of mark Porsche it is small. But such version Cajun thanks to the low price can become very popular. Besides there will be still a 2,0-liter petrol unit with a turbo-supercharging (237 h.p.) and two engines in volume of 3,0 l. Petrol will start to give out 328 h.p., and diesel – 237 h.p. Will appear also the hybrid version. It will unite the petrol motor in volume of 2,0 l (210 h.p.) and the 47-strong electric motor.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why did Porsche opt for the name "Cajun" which is of French decent? Porsche is German.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Short for "Cayenne Junior" - Ca jun

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