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BMW super car will appear in 2013

Posted on Monday, November 8, 2010

Apparently, BMW all the same will dare at a batch production a new super car which will be made in style concept Vision EfficientDynamics 2009. And, the main feature of this car will be that it will appear non-polluting. Under the preliminary information, sale Vision EfficientDynamics will begin in 2013.

From technical point of view Vision EfficientDynamics is really very interesting. In movement this sport car is resulted at once by three engines! The core is the diesel engine to which is helped by two electromotors. And a diesel engine here not idle time – it has only three cylinders and volume of 1,5 l. But thanks to the current technologies this motor gives out essential 163 h.p. and 290 Nm. As to electric motors, they too not easy. One of them helps a diesel engine to rotate a rear axle (it gives out 38 kw, or approximately 51 h.p., and 290 Nm). And here the second electric motor works independently, and it's already twists a front axle. Capacity of this motor can be different. At quiet movement it is a question about 60 kw (81 h.p.), but at speedup capacity grows to 82 kw (110 h.p.) and even to 104 kw (140 h.p.). However, the motor is capable to develop 104 kw only throughout 10 sec. But for overtaking it should suffice.

For a food of electric motors litievo-ion accumulators which can be recharged by means of the usual socket connection will be used. And thanks to it the car can pass the first 50 km of a way at all without throwing out in air of harmful substances. At the expense of electric motors with a huge twisting moment dynamics of BMW Vision EfficientDynamics promises to be rather decent. So, dispersal from 0 to 100 km/h will take only 4,8 sec that is comparable from BMW M5. But thus fuel consumption will be simply ridiculous – only 3,7 l of solar oil on 100 km of a way!

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