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Vortex F1 bolide for roads

Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vortex F1If legendary English designer Colin Chapmen has know that developed by it in the middle fifties of the last century sport car Lotus 7 will worry not only him, but also becomes object for imitation and the ancestor of the whole subspecies of sport cars, he strongly would be surprised. Idle time if not to tell, the primitive two-seater with open wheels and weak-willed enough motor in the course of time became not simply cult, but also has led to a birth of others same road formulas. It is Enough to remember such sport cars as Ariel Atom, Brooke Doubler and Toniq-R – all of them are spiritual descendants legendary Lotus 7. Now this good company will be diluted next with the road formula – the American sport car Vortex F1.

Company Vortex Motors located in Seattle developed the sport car within four years and has officially presented it on passing these days in Las Vegas SEMA showroom. The car will be issued in two versions – base and Ultimate. The base version will receive two-liter turbo motor General Motors capacity of 290 h.p. and a six-step manual transmission. To first hundred car is dispersed for 2,9 sec, and the maximum speed makes 210 km/h. The body of a double sport car is made of aluminum and carbon. Weight Vortex F1 doesn't exceed 635 kg. In the USA this version will cost $49 995.

And version Ultimate will differ more difficult design and, accordingly, higher price. Unlike base version, it will receive a body from carbon, capacity of the motor will make already 330-360 h.p., the braking system will be strengthened and will appear six-speed transmission. Works on version Ultimate still proceed, therefore dynamic characteristics yet aren't informed. But the price – $69 995 is known. Both versions "are put" in low-ride rubber Hankook by dimension 275/40 R17 in front and 315/35 R17 behind.

Following trends of a world automobile fashion, Vortex Motors in passing works and over electric version of the sport car and among the direct competitors Americans name electrosport car Tesla Roadster. It is expected thaŠµ electric version Vortex F1 will be issued next year. As well as other similar cars, Vortex F1 will be issued by small circulation – at the best in a year some tens cars will be made all.

Vortex F1

Vortex F1

Vortex F1

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