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Ferrari FF

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2011

ferrari ffFerrari declared about occurrence of a new legend – the Italian company has presented new super car under name Ferrari FF. Letters FF in this case designate not Fantastic Ferrari, but Ferrari Four. Before us all-wheel drive Ferrari car! Also it is the present sensation – before this time all serial Ferrari had a drive gear only on a rear axle. New Ferrari FF will come in the stead big 612 Scaglietti. The length FF makes more than 4,9 m, and in the interior is available four high-grade armchairs, in addition and a luggage compartment here too very decent – a minimum of 450 l and if to combine rear armchairs, also all of 800 l. In movement all-wheel drive Ferrari will be resulted by the 12-cylinder petrol motor in volume of 6,3 l which gives out already 660 h.p. and 683 Nm. For comparison, old 612 Scaglietti had the motor in volume of 5,75 l, and it's capacity made 540 h.p. Agree, not the most bad increase turns out. However, even the 660-strong motor nevertheless won't make Ferrari FF fast and powerful, after all in a stock Italians have model 599 GTO which possesses already 661-strong engine and easier body. As a result at 599 GTO the weight parity to capacity makes 411,8 h.p. on ton, and at FF – 368 h.p.

Together with the engine the 7-step robotized transmission with two clutches will work. And still there should be a system stop start which will allow to save fuel in plugs. However, if the driver doesn't want it to do, stop start can be disconnected easily. Besides, it is not excluded that in the future there will be a charged version of Ferrari FF with system KERS which will accumulate energy received at braking and if necessary to give out, in this case capacity of the motor will grow on 101 h.p.

Features of all-wheel drive transmission don't reveal yet. However already it is now clear that it is a question of system a constant all wheel drive where electronics begins to distribute if necessary the moment between all four wheels. In many respects thanks to all-wheel drive transmission acceleration time will occupy from 0 to 100 km/h only 3,7 sec, and the maximum speed of the car is 335 km/h.

ferrari ff

ferrari ff

ferrari ff

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  1. plumbing Says:

    What is more to expect for a ferrari. It just never cease to come up with awesome cars.

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