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New Honda Civic

Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When Japanese showed last generation Civic, they very strongly risked. If suddenly buyers won't approve so courageous design? In many respects for this reason Honda has decided to exhaust actually two different Civic models – the five-door hatchback was revolutionary, and a sedan has been decided to make in conservative style. But in a case from Honda the risk has completely justified itself. Sales of a vanguard hatchback have gone simply perfectly that has allowed to sell it more expensively then sedan. But time goes, Civic has already become familiar on roads, in the market appears not less fashionable cars. Demand on Civic began to fall – in Japan has been decided to stop model sale in general. In general, time for arrival of the new car has come. Now this car is presented on a showroom in Detroit.

At once it is necessary to tell that at showroom in Detroit have been shown not serial Civic, but only concept. And, despite all expectations, new Civic it has appeared enough conservative. At least, it any more won't make any revolution. Apparently, in the conditions of an economic crisis Japanese have decided not to risk any more with design. In general, «Civic for all people» - so the motto of the new car sounds. About engines while to speak early – the concrete technical information on model will appear in couple of months. But Japanese have already informed that in the market of the USA they will sell Civic with the petrol motor, with the engine which works on natural gas, and hybrid version.

While Civic is presented only in the form of a sedan and a two-door coupe which has received index Si. Japanese also begin to stake on these cars in the USA. However should appear and a hatchback which will intend for sale in Europe a bit later.

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  1. wheel balancing Says:

    If you want to upgrade, modify or customize your Honda Civic, you will find that there are many ways to do so. The three main reasons that Civic owners upgrade their cars are performance, looks and style.

  2. honda civic Says:

    Great pics, Honda civic is mostly known for their style, elegance and performance.

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