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Mach7 Falcon

Posted on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mach7 falconAbout such firms as Mach7 Motorsport, usually speak – "it is widely known in narrow circles". Really, this company is known, at the best, by exclusively experts. But as it is paradoxical, for some reason similar dwarfish firms constantly undertake creation supercars. Here and Americans have once again decided to surprise the automobile public with the present, American sport car. The car has received name Mach7 Falcon and constructed on traditional compounding – an aluminum frame-farm and body panels from carbon. With excess weight Americans didn't prepare to be reconciled categorically and have supplied a sport car with an aluminum suspender and a steering lath from a magnesian alloy. All these shifts have led to, that the car weight becomes 1293 kg. As heart 6,2-liter motor LS9 with a mechanical supercharger capacity of 640 h.p., borrowed at Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is used, with which the six-step manual transmission is aggregated. On first hundred conquest leaves 3,5 sec, to 160 km/h the car is dispersed for 7,6 sec, and maximum speed makes 325 km/h.

Judging by characteristics, Americans haven't created anything outstanding . The automobile world knows supercars more beautiful, more powerful, and more faster. And the car price in $200 000 to the American measures is high enough. The same Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 costs in the USA $111 100, has the cult status, and dynamic characteristics at it, let and slightly, but it is better (dispersal to first hundred for 3,4 sec, the maximum speed – 330 km/h).

Certainly, founders of such cars as Mach7 Falcon and same others, is possible and even need to respect for their enthusiasm, but as shows life, working out and manufacture supercars – employment expenses, labor-consuming and absolutely ungrateful. Similar projects in ninety nine cases from hundred are unprofitable and, as a rule, burn through in rather short terms. Now only Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley make profit, and all other manufacturers supercars, as a rule, or are unprofitable, or hardly make ends meet at the expense of any patrons of art. It is planned to make only 15 such cars.

mach7 falcon

mach7 falcon

mach7 falcon

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