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BAC Mono single supercar

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BAC MonoIn the ranks of small, but proud British, independent motor-car manufacturers refill. Now they add a company BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) headed by the godfather Ford Focus RS of the first generation Neil Briggs. Mr. Briggs has never hidden his love to fast cars and in the presence of sufficient financing, it, for certain, would appear either in Formula-1, or in other racing championship with cars of own working out. But with financing, apparently, it has some problems, therefore Nile Briggs was limited to creation so road "formula" popular in Foggy Albion. That is, Neil Briggs has made the direct competitor to such cars as Ariel Atom and Caterham CSR.

Newly-baked supercar has received name BAC Mono, and it's by far the world's only single-seater to be certified for public roads. Though inherently, it is the present, fighting, rather competently designed racing bolide. The car is created on compounding traditional for similar cars - an aluminum frame and body panels from composit materials. Engineers BAC have spent careful selection and have selected for the sport car accessories exclusively from the specialized firms closely connected with motor racing.

The car is equipped with brakes company A.P Racing, racing absorbers Sachs, shod 17 inch disks O.Z. Racing and also it's put not in road rubber, but in racing slicks by dimension 205/40 in front and 245/40 behind. Before a rear axle four-cylinder atmospheric 2,3-liter motor Cosworth capacity of 285 h.p. with which is aggregated six-speed sequential gear box developed by firm Hewland.

The length of the car makes 3,95 m, width – 1,80 m, a wheelbase – 2,56 m. Thanks to an aluminum frame and a body composites, BAC Mono has turned out rather easy – 540 kg. That is, the child of Neil Briggs weighs less, than the bolide of Formula-1, and, despite the modest four-cylinder motor, the British sport car can brag of rather uncommon characteristics. On first hundred conquest leaves only 2,9 sec, and the maximum speed makes 273 km/h. Indicators, of course, not comparable to formula bolides, but for the road car quite comprehensible result. Though racing tracks will be native elements BAC Mono, undoubtedly.

Till the end of this year Nile Briggs plans to make 50 pieces BAC Mono, and since next year the car circulation should make 100-200 cars. Originally BAC Mono will be on sale only in Great Britain at the price of 66 625 pounds sterling (76 870 euros), but since 2013 Neil Briggs plans to sell BAC Mono and in continental Europe.

BAC Mono

BAC Mono

BAC Mono

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