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BMW ActivE

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2011

Many are assured that the main premiere of BMW in Geneva is conceptual roadster ConnectedDrive. Yes, the beautiful car, no doubt. However it no more than thoughts of designers Bavarian company about future. But from the practical point of view much bigger interest represents model under name ActivE. In appearance BMW ActivE is a usual coupe of the first series, only with an a bit humpbacked cowl. And inside it is absolutely usual 1st series BMW. But actually before us the revolutionary car for BMW. After all it's a serial version of the first electric-car of the Bavarian company. In BMW ActivE movement is resulted by means of the 170-strong electric motor which receives energy from litievo-ion accumulators. Because of the last ActivE has turned out rather heavy – electric-car at once on 500 kg more hard a petrol coupe. But in the German company say that the weight increase won't strongly affect roadability.

But thanks to the electromotor which gives out the big twisting moment from the bottoms, heavy ActivE can be dispersed from 0 to 100 km/h only for 4,5 seconds. The result simply excellent – for comparison, a coupe of the first series with petrol 170 h.p carries out similar exercise for 7,8 sec with mechanics and for 8,4 sec in the presence of an automatic transmission. And here the maximum speed will be limited on 145km/h. If to go faster you won't notice, how accumulators will be discharged. And in general, Bavarians assure that at a quiet mode of movement BMW ActivE can pass on one gymnastics 160 km. Formally, manufacture electric BMW will begin this year. However in open sale the car won't arrive yet. In total it will be made only such 1000 cars which begin to offer in leasing to corporate clients.

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