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Brabus Mercedes G 800 h.p.

Posted on Monday, March 14, 2011

brabus mercedes g 800 h.p.The army off-road car with aerodynamics of a brick and 800-horsepower engine. What could be more absurd? But in the well-known tuning studio Brabus don't consider so. Moreover, Germans are very proud of their latest development. After all they managed to make the most powerful serial off-road car in the world which characteristics will be envied by many sport cars. Generally Germans already pumped over Mercedes G steroids. Some years ago on light has appeared 700 h.p. Brabus G V12. Then it seemed that this is the limit, but as it turned out it was just a warm-up. Apparently, Brabus strongly upset presence of 750-strong Porsche Cayenne, therefore, in dispute for a rank of the king of off-road cars magicians of tuning from Bottrop have decided to put the point with it's 6,3-liter 12-cylinders bi-turbo motor capacity of 800 h.p. (1420 Nm). Which they, without thinking twice, and stuffed in the engine compartment space of the car. However, it was necessary to make some changes to a design. Also it concerns not only the well-known kit Widestar which has increased width of the car on 12 sm.

First of all Germans had to limit a twisting moment to 1100 Nm to rescue from destruction the five-step automatic transmission which obviously has been not calculated on such diesel pull-rod. In passing the car have equipped with new final system from the noncorrosive steel which branch pipes are deduced under body thresholds. The car have put in low-profile rubber dimension 305/35 R23 and have supplied 380 mm with brake plates with six-piston calipers in front and 345 mm disks with four-piston calipers behind. The strengthened braking system and a sports suspender will allow the future owner to feel more confident, being at the wheel it a mad brick. A wheel, by the way, now too the sports. Besides it, the customer can choose some variants of an inner trim a skin, inserts from valuable breeds of a tree and noncorrosive steel.

To first hundred car is dispersed exactly for 4 seconds, and the maximum speed makes 270 km/h. However, Germans have decided to be reinsured and at achievement of 240 km/h will be worked by electronic collar. The car price is traditionally kept a secret. Considering volume of the done work, it is possible not to doubt that the price list will sport in five zero. However, for certain will be wishing to leave rather rather big sum, for the possession right the most powerful off-road car in the world.

brabus mercedes g 800 h.p.

brabus mercedes g 800 h.p.

brabus mercedes g 800 h.p.

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  1. digger derricks Says:

    Like the looks of the car.Sounds it also has a powerful engine.There are various functionalities of various transports and the need be the superior and utmost factor for the choice of one.

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