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Brilliance A3 from China manufacturer

Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011

brilliance a3The Chinese company Brilliance Automotive has become famous earlier, for failed crash tests. Because of which the European automobile press has taken up arms in due time on Brilliance that has forced out company even temporarily from the European market. However, recently it have again dared at Old World conquest, and in addition to the modifed sedans Brilliance BS4 and BS6 has presented a new compact crossover Brilliance A3. If earlier design for their cars Brilliance ordered at eminent Italian bodywork studio, such as Pininfarina this time Chinese decided to develop their own first crossover on behalf of the A3. And do not come up with anything better than borrow the appearance from BMW X1. And if the "face" and "feed" vehicle have little in common with the Bavarian crossover, when viewed in profile, once it becomes clear what kind of car was a source of inspiration for designers. The Chinese, of course, referred to as that the car is completely independent development, and their partners from BMW, Brilliance having a co-production in 2003 is likely to pretend that nothing happened.

As to technical characteristics it's still a bit information. It is known only that the car will be equipped with the 1,6-liter petrol motor capacity of 100 h.p. and the engine in volume of 1,8 l (136 h.p.). Both units are issued Brilliance under the license of Mitsubishi and will be aggregated from a four-stage license automatic transmission, or with five-step mechanics.

In the long term occurrence under a cowl of a diesel engine of own working out isn't excluded. The official debut of the car will take place in the middle of April on the Shanghai showroom, and till the end of the year Brilliance A3 will go on sale at the price nearby $20 000 for base version.

brilliance a3

brilliance a3

brilliance a3

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