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Hamann Tycoon Evo M

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bmw x6 tuningGerman tuning studio Hamann works recently really in intense rate. Just a couple of months Germans have pumped over at once three cars: Mercedes SLS AMG, Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6 M. All Trinity has been shown on the Geneva showroom. But the story about activity of German tuners would be incomplete without BMW X6 M which has received name Hamann Tycoon Evo M. The carbon cowl, a front and rear bumper, a spoiler on the fifth door, a fringing of rear optics and the wheel arches expanded on 60 mm – all it looks enough banal. As well as matte colour. Even bonus 115 h.p. and 100 Newton torque (670 h.p., 950 Nm) look boring against other competitors. Every second German tuning studio which is pumping over BMW X6, offers a similar package of improvements.

About such trifles as the sports suspender which has reduced ground clearance of the car on 40 mm, and carbon dimension of 420 mm in front and 380 mm behind, even it is not necessary to mention brakes. As well as about dispersal to first hundred for 4,2 sec and maximum speed in 300 km/h. All it was and at competitors. And there were much more extreme versions of a bleeding Bavarian cross-country-coupe.

But what they lacked, as it trimmed interior exotic material under the name Nanai salmon leather. What it is, is quite difficult to understand, although the Germans claim that used in the decoration of the front of the leather - a natural origin. After Nanai salmon leather even somehow inconvenient to mention about the aluminum pedals and carbon fiber inserts in the cabin. As salmon skin obscures this common and banal set of decorations.

bmw x6 tuning

bmw x6 tuning

bmw x6 tuning

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