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Lancia: four strange novelties

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Company Lancia is considered for a long time rather «a problem active» Fiat concern, therefore great reformer Sergio Marchionne has decided to undertake resuscitation of this brand seriously. Methods to revive the once glorious company, he chose rather peculiar – henceforth Lancia is something like new division of concern Chrysler as models of the American concern will make half of lineup of the Italian company. It is not known, in what result will lead such mass badge-engineering, but in Geneva exposition Lancia was one of the richest novelties. Moreover, along with naturalized Americans Lancia has presented also independent working out – compact five-door hatchback Lancia Ypsilon of the third generation.

This time Italians have decided to refuse three-door version, and all exhausted Lancia Ypsilon will have a five-door body. The car is based on a platform Fiat 500 and from it has borrowed two-cylinder 0,9-liter turbo motor TwinAir capacity of 95 h.p. More advanced versions will receive the 1,2-liter engine capacity of 69 h.p., and also 1,3-liter turbodiesel Multijet capacity of 95 h.p. Version with the 1,2-liter motor (69 h.p.) will be in passing accessible working either on gasoline, or on liquefied gas. All engines established on Lancia Ypsilon, correspond to norms of Euro-5, and Italians especially underline that by working out of this car the green theme was priority. Europeans have already gone mad for a long time on the ecology problems, that is why all versions Lancia Ypsilon will be equipped with system "start-stop" and tires with low rolling resistance Goodyear EfficientGrip. Italians promise that fuel consumption and blowout of harmful substances will be one of the best in the V-class.

In comparison with the predecessor who was born in 2003, new Lancia Ypsilon has grown at length on 30 mm (3,84 m), but there were already on the same of 30 mm (1,67 m) and more low on 20 mm (1,51 m). But thus the car even more began to correspond to concept premium. Quality of manufacturing, inner trim materials, a glass roof favourably distinguish Lancia Ypsilon from other schoolmates. The main contenders Lancia Ypsilon in Europe should become Mini and Citroen DS3, truth, experts in marketing of Fiat this time, apparently, have gone too far and prepare to sell Ypsilon in England and Ireland with Chrysler emblems. Apparently, Italians seriously believe that inhabitants of Foggy Albion will more positively concern not the thoroughbred Italian, and to Americanized. Anyway, in Fiat concern will be glad, if Europeans buy more 50 thousand Lancia Ypsilon for a year. And with what emblems it will buy, a special role doesn't play. As Europeans will concern the newest Lancia Ypsilon, it becomes already clear in June when the first commodity cars will appear in interiors of the European dealers.

Not less questions causes occurrence in modeling number Lancia at once three cars of Chrysler. And the most problematic seems to be naturalization full-length (length 5.08 m) Chrysler 300 sedan, which will be sold in Europe under the name of the Lancia Thema.After all this car should struggle with such models, as Mercedes S-class, BMW 7, Audi A8, Volkswagen Phaeton, Jaguar XJ and Lexus LS. It is clear that to cope with them changed American sedan will be very difficult. A unique trump – the price. But not the fact that she will win a place under the merciless sun, long divided into zones of influence of the European F-class.

As to the car Lancia Thema practically in all repeats the American colleague. Italians have only changed radiator lattice and bumpers thanks to what the length of the car has grown on 40 mm. Under a cowl well-known 3,6-liter six Pentastar capacity of 292 h.p. (353 Nm) from which newest eight-step automatic machine is aggregated settles down. Under statements of Italians, version with this engine overcomes first hundred for 7,2 sec and spends 8,3 liters of fuel for 100 km of a way. But the European buyers versions with the three-liter diesel motor of company VM Motori capacity should interest most of all 190 and 224 h.p. together with which elderly five-step automatic machine will work.

At a younger colleague, a sedan and cabriolet Chrysler 200 also known as Lancia Flavia – problems should be less. It is possible to assume that to liking open version of the car is necessary to Europeans. After all cabriolet Lancia Flavia will be hardly probable not a unique cabriolet of a D-class in Europe. And it can feel rather confident absence of competitors. And here it is necessary to a sedan is unsweetened as in the European D-class serious struggle boils, and the American origin Lancia Flavia hardly will be powerful plus.

But occurrence in modeling number Lancia minivan Grand Voyager – changed Chrysler Town&Country is completely defensible. Lancia Grand Voyager will replace old woman Phedra who is issued the ninth year and demand on which has fallen to a catastrophic mark. Chrysler Town&Country the car rather fresh, has exchanged only the fourth year of conveyor life so some more years it can act quite successfully in the European market under recognition symbols Lancia. As Italians quite will arrange, if Lancia Grand Voyager will find all some thousand buyers a year. It will allow to load in addition capacities of factory Chrysler in the Canadian Windsor, and Lancia – to have the balanced lineup. Lancia Grand Voyager will be equipped with the native American 3,6-liter petrol motor capacity of 292 h.p. (353 Nm), and also Fiat 2,8-liter diesel engine capacity of 163 h.p. (360 Nm).

The measures undertaken for improvement of mark Lancia, is possible to welcome only. True, it is not clear to what result they will lead. The cool relation to the American cars in Europe well-known, so the invention of Sergio Marchionne can quite turn back a grandiose commercial failure after which only the miracle will help Lancia to survive.

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