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Mercedes-Benz C Coupe

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Geneva has finally shown the most genuine coupe, which was called Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe. The car name accurately let us know that at the heart of the car the platform from the S-class lies. And if to look at the car in front it will be difficult for distinguishing from a usual sedan. This last fact, I confess, can not be written, plus coupe. And not because the design C-class some bad. No, design all right. But agree that more prestigious coupe is simply obliged to appear different from the everyday sedan. Therefore, it would be better to look at the coupe a bit on the side. Driver's place C-class Coupe differs nothing from a sedan which has been recently updated. Unless behind under laws of a compartment genre is established not the habitual wide three-local sofa, but two separate seats, divided by the central armrest. Practicality less, but it looks pretty.

Every possible updates in a new coupe is enough – the car has received almost all electronic systems accessible now, including function of control over a marking, possibility of Internet connection and many other things. Though now with it already you will surprise nobody – now such electronic assistants meet and on people's cars of a class C.

On a new coupe you won't meet budgetary engines. A minimum, on what is possible to count, is 156 h.p. So much base version C180 CGI with the petrol motor in volume of 1,8 l will give out. And the unit of the same volume will put and on model under name С250, but there it will be already dispersed to 204 h.p. Will be also a six-cylinder engine – model С350 will have 306 h.p. Besides, C-class Coupe will start to equip with a 2,1-liter diesel engine capacity of 170 h.p. or 204 h.p. which will receive designation С220 CDI and С250 CDI accordingly. Coupe sale will begin already in second half of this year. Well and in 2012 Mercedes-Benz for certain will present the open version of this model.

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