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The most expensive Range Rover

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2011

autobiorgaphy ultimate editionStandard Range Rover is possible to name an original hybrid of an off-road car and a representation sedan. For the same who wants to cross a jeep and a limousine, special version Range Rover Autobiorgaphy Ultimate Edition — magnificent, more than ever is presented before. If the owner of the car plans to go basically by rear places such version is necessary to it. In rear interior — two separate armchairs with electroresettings and the massive extension housing between them. All it is sheathed by two kinds of a skin of manual manufacture. Each detail can be considered long: a folding little table for the laptop, executed from polished aluminum, massive inserts from a tree, boxing for glasses and a champagne bottle. Large screens in headrests of front seats. It not usual monitors, it's two tablet computers iPad, entering into base equipment of the car.

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

About Range Rover quite often say that it's the magnificent yacht. Now Englishmen have decided that in this trope it is possible to finish literal sense: in the car implanted ship attributes. A trunk floor as a deck, is sheathed teak by boards with rubber joints both the paraded metal hinge strains and handles.

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

Color design of interior and the colourings of a body offered for Autobiography Ultimate Edition, are inaccessible to simple buyers Range Rover. Most expensive Range Rover is possible to know on 20-inch wheels of special design and on a bit different furnish of a radiator enclosure and air vents in front fenders. In scale of engines two most powerful motors are left only: 510-strong petrol V8 and 313-strong diesel eight.

The price of the most expensive version declare closer to the beginning of sales. The total amount of release Autobiography Ultimate Edition won't exceed 500 pieces, and 100 copies are already allocated for Russia. In the western countries similar exclusive versions aren't so claimed, but among Russia well-founded fellow citizens they use steady demand. Therefore every fifth superexpensive off-road car will go to Russia.

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

autobiorgaphy ultimate edition

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    how much is it?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i want to buy that car. for my wife. how much

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ehhh its alright

  4. Anonymous Says:

    100 000 $

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I want to swap my wife.For this car. How much?

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