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Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2011

In Porsche decided to modernize the racing hybrid 911 GT3 R Hybrid which has been shown for the first time last year. Recall that the main feature of this machine was not a 480-strong petrol engine, but the fact that this powerplant worked together with two electric motors of 60 kW each. And, the energy saved up at braking at Porsche was stored not in accumulator batteries, but in a special flywheel-generator which was to the right of the driver on a place of a passenger armchair.

And now for 24-hour race in a Nurburgring which starts on June, 25th, Porsche has prepared the second version of the supercar
. It's called 911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0. The new model differs from the predecessor in smaller weight and lower fuel consumption, but thus dynamics of model remained at former level.

However in the second version of model capacity of the gasoline engine has been lowered to 470 h.p. (the motor works with rear wheels), but the motors don't give out 60 kw, and 75 kw each (they transfer the power to front wheels). Thus, within several seconds the pilot 911 GT3 R Hybrid 2.0 can receive additional capacity about 200 h.p. This capacity depending on programming automatically is connected by pressing an accelerator pedal. Besides, the pilot can connect additional capacity from the electric drive also manually, for example, during overtaking.

Outwardly new GT3 R Hybrid too differs from model 2010. By optimizing the cooling system of high-voltage components of the hybrid system it was decided to abandon the large holes for cooling the front of the rear wings. It reduces aerodynamic resistance of the car and promotes fuel consumption drop. As a whole the weight of the car managed to be reduced from 1 350 to 1 300 kgs. Also the interior 911 GT3 R Hybrid has been completely processed. The most part of displays and monitors has moved on a steering wheel. Steering of other functions is carried out by means of keys with illumination on the central extension housing developed to the driver. The main priority in this case were ergonomics and visibility for the pilot control devices - primarily in the dark.

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