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Sales Tesla Model S started

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2011

tesla model sCompany Tesla Motors finishes last testings of the new electromobile Tesla Model S which sales start in the North American market in the middle of 2012 with special release Signature Series. In the European market the electric sedan will appear in the end of 2012. According to George Blankenship, the sales manager of company Tesla Motors, the first electromobiles of special series Signature Series will receive the expanded list of the options which base version will manage from $49 900. In sedan Tesla Model S the electric power-plant will be established, allowing to disperse an electromobile to 100 km/h for 5,6 seconds, and the accumulator which charge will suffice on distance overcoming in 250 km without additional charge. The battery replacement, allowing to pass 370 km, the electric sedan with the accumulator will rise the price of an electromobile on $10 000, and, allowing to pass 480 km, will manage in $69 900.

Within the first year of manufacture electromobile Tesla Model S the company plans to exhaust up to 7 000 copies. The volume of output can increase in the future if company Tesla Motors has steady demand for the given model of an electromobile, to 20 000 units. Also in company plans there is an intention to exhaust version Tesla Model S for the markets with the link sided movement which occurrence will occur not earlier than 2013. It is necessary to notice that electromobile Tesla Model S is capable to develop the maximum speed equal of 193 km/h.

tesla model s

tesla model s

tesla model s

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