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Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car

Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About that Subaru together with Toyota prepare absolutely new coupe, it was known for a long time already. And Toyota already few times showed concept car, but representatives of Subaru long time pretended that occurs nothing. And here in Geneva we could see a new coupe not only at Toyota stand, but also at Subaru. However, Subarus have presented only concept, and completely the transparent! It is called Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car. If you are the present admirer of mark Subaru, such word combinations as frameless doors and all wheel drive, for you should be sacred. However new Subaru will be one of most unpredictable Subaru. After all no all wheel drive here will exist. It appears, now Japanese assure that for reception of a true pleasure from sporty coupe driving all-wheel drive transmission isn't required! Enough and rear. Though we perfectly understand that all it no more than marketing – installation of all-wheel drive transmission, probably, would make a coupe the expensive. Besides it is not necessary to forget that Subaru classical configuration – obligatory attribute of this model.

Fortunately, opposed engine anywhere don't go so fans of Subaru can breathe a sign of relief. Coupe has received a new engine which at volume of 2,0 l gives out at once 260 h.p. (the motor works together with six-step mechanics). As to a coupe from Toyota in the technical plan it will not differ from Subaru. But Toyota can be considered already now though while the given model also doesn't go to a series. Manufacture of both models will begin in 2012.

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  1. unite tyre changer Says:

    Listen for knocking coming from the engine as this could indicate piston slap or bottom end damage and the turbo should run quite quietly if the cat is still in place. And last but not least, smoke free.

  2. CGS cat back exhaust Says:

    All i can say is "woooow". This car is so great. It is a very unique car but, i guess it is also expensive. :-)

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