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Koenigsegg CCR EVO 817

Posted on Monday, April 4, 2011

German tuning studio Edo Competition has always been famous for the fact that were ready to take on any orders. The unnamed owner of the rarest supercar Koenigsegg CCR (only 14 cars produced) turned to Edo Competition professionals with the request to improve his car. The Germans, of course, such a proposal did not give up and for 40 000 euros pumped car. However, leveling out some sort of strange. Thanks to a reinsertion of brains of the control package the engine capacity of 4,7-liter eight was possible to hoist from 806 to 891 h.p. Thus a twisting moment has turned sour from 920 Nm to 900 Nm. Moreover, if on first hundred overcoming still leaves 3,2 sec the maximum speed has decreased on 5 km/h (390 km/h). And despite the fact that the engine output increased by more than 10%!

In passing the six-speed transmission has undergone to alteration, the braking system has been strengthened, there appear a new front bumper, original disks, interior finished with alcantara and slightly modified the front panel. Plus to all the car have equipped with new multimedia system and gages of control of pressure in tires. And still the car has received a new name – Koenigsegg CCR EVO 817.

True, it remained unclear for what the customer paid earned 40,000 euros? For what purpose was conceived such a tune? And what meaning has been an increase in engine power, if the dynamic performance has not improved? Yes, and whether it makes sense pump cars like Koenigsegg CCR, and without which improvements are works of engineering art, and any interference can only harm them.

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