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Lamborghini Cabrera

Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Lamborghini which will come in the stead present Gallardo, will receive name Cabrera which is translated from the Catalan dialect means "goat herder". Besides the name change, new Lamborghini will surprise also with one more innovation – Italians want to establish on the car the engine with a supercharger! Thanks to it motor V10 in volume of 5,2 l begins to give out an order of 600 h.p., and at the unit remains also a stock for modernization – for certain a year or two from now after premiere Cabrera there will be every possible facilitated and advanced versions of this model with the motor capacity 650, and perhaps 700 h.p. Thus new Cabrera become much easier Gallardo. It becomes possible thanks to active use carbon (from it will be done almost everything possible).

It is expected that the premiere of Lamborghini Cabrera will take place in the spring of next year on a showroom in Geneva (by the way, this year in Switzerland have shown flagman Aventador). Well and in 2013 the turn will come to appear four-door model Estoque. For the first time it has been shown in a kind of concept in 2008, and for some time about it have forgotten. But, apparently, Lamborghini management all the same has made the decision on the beginning of serial release similar model. «Estoque has made very good impression upon our buyers. Even nicer than we expected - we still sometimes get letters asking them to sell a 4-door Estoque. Now correct time to deduce such model on the market», - the head of the company of Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann has declared.

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