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Mazda 3 updated

Posted on Saturday, April 23, 2011

On a showroom in New York Mazda has presented the updated version of Mazda 3. Predictably, restyling Mazda3 has received hardly other front bumper, the changed radiator enclosure and headlights. And on the car will be possible to put not only 15 or 16-inch disks, but also 17-inch (truth, is one nuance – we now speak about Mazda3 for the market of the North America, but the European cars for certain will receive similar changes). But changes under a cowl have much bigger value. After all on updated Mazda3 debuted engines and gear boxes of new family SKYACTIV. Speech while goes about the motor in volume of 2,0 l which has received designation SKYACTIV-G. He will work together with a new six-step automatic transmission under name SKYACTIV-Drive or with six-step mechanics SKYACTIV-МТ.

Mazda assure that the new 2,0-liter motor surpasses the predecessor absolutely in all parameters. So, the motor became easier on 4,4 kg, it has a compression ratio 12.0:1, its capacity makes 155 h.p. at 6000 rpm (at the present motor of the same volume 151 h.p.), and the twisting moment has reached a point 200 Nm (was 191 Nm).

At first sight, growth of capacity and moment size absolutely insignificant. But it's not necessary to forget one very much important point – simultaneously with it the engine became more economic. And at once on 21 %!

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  1. New Mazda 3 Atlanta Says:

    WOW. I am huge fan of New Mazda 3! I am really glad that I found your website and this article. I love the last thing you said and that is that engines are becoming more economic friendly

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