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Mercedes Concept A-Class

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mercedes-Benz has published the first official photos of a new A-class, or rather, the concept of the new A-Class – the serial model will appear on sale only in 2012. But already it is now clear that the new A-class becomes much more interesting than the predecessor. The A-class begins to resemble a classical hatchback, and on a showroom in Shanghai (namely, there will be premiere Concept A-Class) will be shown three-door version of the model. Whether the serial version from concept will differ? Certainly, yes. It is possible not to doubt that on the way to the conveyor the car will lose not only aggressive, but not too practical bumper, will disappear also beautiful pressworking on sides, and disks will be quieter. However as a whole the image of the A-class remains such.

If to speak about the technician of a new A-class, that, contrary to assumptions, this car will have still a forward control. Well and under a cowl of a conceptual A-class there is a 2,0-liter gasoline engine which gives out 210 h.p. And together with this unit works new Mercedes-Benz gear box with two clutches . Apparently, soon such box will appear on many Mercedes-Benz.

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