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Volvo Universe Concept

Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

After Chinese became owners of the company Volvo, some experts were afraid that development of this firm can stop. However created by Swedes Volvo Concept Universe tells us that Volvo is grows. According to representatives of Volvo, Concept Universe is the forerunner of a new smart sedan which should appear in the market the next year or two. And plainly it is not known, about the size of the model in question. After all it is rumored that Volvo prepares to intrude in a segment F on the European classification where Audi A8, BMW 7th series and S-class Mercedes-Benz now reign. Though, most likely, Concept Universe becomes a prototype for new generation S80 – present S80 soon must go on pension.

Technical characteristics of concept car aren't informed yet. Yes they are, in this case not very important. The main thing that must now evaluate the potential buyers - a new design.

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