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Mercedes BA3 Final Edition

Posted on Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mercedes-Benz announced the final series of his legendary G-Class. The five-door model has received a name Mercedes-Benz G-Class Edition Select traditional in such cases, and here three-door named Mercedes-Benz G-Class BA3 Final Edition. However BA3 means in this case "BA three" - so Mercedes-Benz has designated a three-door body. Final G-Class will be issued with two engines: a 3,5-liter diesel engine (211 h.p.) and with petrol motor V8 in volume of 5,5 l (388 h.p.). Interior equipment will be smart – experts from studio AMG which are able not only to create "the charged" engines, but also to do very qualitative interiors have taken part in it's creation.

As a result a car interior have received furnish from a nut tree, leather armchairs with ventilation and other. All will enter into car equipment accessible for today updates which are put on G-Class, beginning from the usual hatch and finishing the monitoring system behind pressure in tires, music with 12 speakers and the interface for connection of every possible devices. Well and outwardly "final" cars will be possible to distinguish on original 18-inch wheel disks with dual spokes and aerodynamic weather-cloth AMG.

In Germany Mercedes-Benz G-Class Edition Select will cost from 90 511 euros. The price of the 5,5-liter car will exceed a mark in 100 000 euros. And what will happen next? It seems that nothing - the great G-class finishes its 32-year life.

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