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New Ford Mustang 2014

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ford prepares in 2014 to present a new generation of legendary coupe Mustang. According to the British edition AutoExpress, the car hardly becomes more compact present Mustang, but it's weight considerably will decrease that very positively will affect dynamics and roadability. While about new Ford Mustang is known very little. Representatives Ford say only that the following generation of a coupe will be much closer to a spirit of Mustang sample of 1964 year. What is meant by these words, while not entirely clear. But hardly Americans will make new Mustang simple and inexpensive – now this model has already turned in cult, therefore it's price by definition should be considerable. Sure will be fun to see what kind of Mustang turbo charger kits enthusiests will end up using on these new models to push the performance even farther.

Besides new generation Ford Mustang will be most technically made – the car will possess not only completely independent suspension which has been adjusted on passage of fast turning movements, but also non-polluting economic engines.

The base engine will be turbocharged 2,5-liter unit which will give out 300 h.p. (now the most modest Mustang has the six-cylinder unit in volume 3,7). Besides, the 5,4-litre motor (already 500 h.p.) will be accessible also.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow that is ugly... hope this doesn't happen

  2. Anonymous Says:

    F-you, Its cool! Its been 9 years, its time for a change!

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