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New Mercedes B-class: first view

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

According to the Germans, no another Mercedes at the change of generations didn't receive so deep improvements, as new model of B-class. Germans while keep a secret design of a novelty (and here and radical innovations is not expected), but are already ready to tell all technical details. The first in what Germans have made a great advance is aerodynamics. In a pursuit of the best ecological indicators many motor-car manufacturers have now promoted in this area so, for example, at Toyota Prius the factor of front resistance is depressed to 0,25. Germans show even more impressing result – 0,24. Truth this indicator is reached at the order of package Eco Package which assumes installation of special aerodynamic mouldings under the bottom and some additional deflectors on a body, and also suspender understating. At the base version of a B-class factor of front resistance – 0, 26.

The body has grown up at length to 4,36 m (+8,6 cm). And the roof is depressed on 4,3 cm. Second innovation – the big assortment of various auxiliary electronics. The model will receive "autopilot" that keeps the car in it's lane on the road, auto parking, the control system of blind zones, electronics, to anticipate the risk of collision on the highway, and much more.

The ruler of motors will completely be updated. The B-class will receive the 1,6-liter engine with system of direct injection of the third generation which already debuted on the senior engines V6 and V8. In version B180 the unit will be developed by 122 h.p., version B200 – 156 h.p. Also from the senior models the novelty will receive a new 1,8-liter diesel engine: B180 CDI – 109 h.p., B200 CDI – 136 h.p. Transmissions – six-step mechanics and seven-high-speed robot with two clutches. In the future B-class will have a hybrid version. Also on it's basis will be released an electromobile.

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