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New Porsche 911

Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2011

Porsche officially yet hasn't presented new generation of legendary 911th model (most likely, it will occur in September on a showroom in Frankfurt), but the first photos of the new car have already filtered into the press. Before us the new car, though it's design not too strongly differs from present 911th. However to be surprised to it is not necessary, after all Porsche never experimented external shape of 911th model. But in interior changes much more - interiors of new Porsche 911 will be made in style senior Panamera, and on the central tunnel there will be a number of important buttons.

New Porsche 911 will receive not only a bit increased wheelbase, but also new engines. So, model 911 Carrera will be equipped with the 3,4-liter motor capacity of 350 h.p. from Boxster S, and Carrera S will receive already 3,8-liter unit capacity of 400 h.p. (now 911 Carrera has 345 h.p., and 911 Carrera S - 385 h.p.). In both cases engine power will be transferred to rear wheels through a 7-step mechanical gear box or through transmission PDK with double clutch.

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