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New Jaguar C-X16

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Half a century ago the coupe and cabriolets E-Type (picture below below) were, probably, most desired cars in the world, and for many judges they have remain such to this day, and here Jaguar represents again the car of such class – an easy, prompt double coupe which has received name Jaguar C-X16. This is not a serial car, but so-called «production concept» – the prototype as much as possible approached to the final version. According to a present fashion, the car is equipped by the hybrid power unit. In a modeling number of the British mark the novelty will rise on a step below elegant four-seater XK. Besides the closed version, it's planned also a roadster. Novelties will appear on sale hardly more than in a year. On the one hand, it is possible to name them analogs of Porsche Cayman and Boxster, but with another, on dynamics they are capable to throw down a challenge to younger versions of Porsche 911.

Unlike "Germans", here classical configuration: the motor in front, a drive gear – on a rear axle. Under a cowl – 3-liter V6 with the compressor, developing 380 h.p. Together with a petrol motor the 96-strong electric motor works. For comparison: at presented recently Porsche 911 Carrera new generation – 350 h.p., and at version Carrera S – 400 h.p. Jaguar motor V6 is created under such recipe: the engineers took the powerful supercharged V8 to be installed in the flagship sports car XFR, XKR and XJ Supersport, and removed the two cylinders.

Coupe gaining 100 km /h in 4.4 seconds. That's enough to start a parallel to overtake both of the above Porsche 911 (they need 4.8 and 4.5, respectively). The maximum speed of Jaguar C-X16 - 300 km / h, the "Germans" - 289 and 304 km / h.

However, as now it is accepted, the sports novelty can restrain the ardor to please profitability and ecological compatibility. It is capable to make short-term trips only on electropull-rod. However, who from owners of Jaguar will be content with the weak-willed electromotor?.

Novelty dimensions remarkable enough: model rather short, but unusually wide. The length of 4 445 mm that on 349 mm is less, than at the senior coupe XK, and on 98 mm is less than Porsche Cayman. But in width Jaguar C-X16 surpasses XK, Porsche 911, Cayman and Aston Martin V8 Vantage at least on 150 mm.

Deserves a separate discussion of the future appearance of a sports car. Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum, under whose leadership style created a compelling brand of current models, argues that all of the Jaguars that he ever worked on, it was a novelty - the car, which he would ride more often. Car inherits many of the recognizable features of the present British cars, but got a few new themes. A typical mouth grille reminiscent of a concept supercar, Jaguar C-X75, which the British introduced last year.

Although before the start of sales is more than a year, British journalists have been called an indicative price - about 50 000 pounds.

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