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New S-class 2013: unique updates

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2011

The new generation Mercedes-Benz S-class which will go on sale roughly in the end of the next year or in the beginning of 2013, should make small revolution among high-class cars. And matter is not that this car will be equipped four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines. About it for a long time already know. It's much more interesting that the new S-class will be issued at once in three versions. If earlier this model had only the usual and extended version so now soon will be another S-Class, code-named XXL. So, the length of a standard S-class will make an order of 5 meters, the extended version will already have 5,25 m, and length XXL 5,55 m. That is, this model will be almost compete with the Maybach (5,73 m). However, there is one nuance – the longest S-class is supposed to be sold only in China where the size of the car has huge value.

But that's not all. Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be equipped with a new system of comfort, which by means of video cameras and scanners can "read" the road ahead and see the emergence of the irregularities. Thanks to it absorbers will change the ruggedness not at the moment of a head-on crash or hit in a hole, but up until that time.

In safety system there will be new "counters" too. One of them at danger of an angle collision will jog the driver and passengers to lateral airbags that will allow to reduce number of traumas from blow about a pillow.

The second system in general is unique. It will represent an airbag which begins to settle down before wheels!! The similar pillow begins to work during the moment when crash is already inevitable. At occurrence of a similar pillow under wheels braking of the car becomes much more effective, and the braking distance will be reduced. In many cases it will allow to reduce considerably damages and if it's a question of arrival on the pedestrian and to save to the last life.

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