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Popular Cars for Young People

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Many parents spend years worrying about the day their child will be old enough to drive. These concerns range from fear that their child is too young and inexperienced to the cost of car insurance for young drivers. One of the biggest concerns is balancing a safe and affordable vehicle with a car that their child will actually want to drive. There are many popular options among young drivers that are both stylish and help a parent keep the cost of car insurance for young drivers down.

One of the most popular vehicles is the classic VW Bug. Teenagers love to drive both the new and the old model. Not only is it a popular car but it is an easily maneuverable car with a good safety record. This option is far more popular among females but many males like the retro feel of having this car. In addition to safety, the insurance costs are fairly low.

Another very popular car among teens is the Camaro. This vehicle inspires a sports car feel that kids crave but also delivers a stable drive with many safety features. Unfortunately, outside of a new sports car, this will have one of the highest cost car insurance for young drivers. A Camaro is an incredibly popular choice among males. Some parents may wish to be wary of this option because it is also a car that inspires a driver to exceed the speed limit.

Other cars that have become popular in the teen world are the Gran Torino, the Impala, and the Jeep Patriot. Al of these cars have become popularized through video games and movies. The Gran Torino exploded in popularity after the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name. The Impala has been an incredibly popular vehicle since it first made an appearance on The Boys In Tha Hood. Many youth like the Impala because it is a typical police vehicle. It has become a fad for kids to put flashing lights on an Impala to simulate a police car. The Jeep Patriot became a popular vehicle after it was emulated on the video game Grand Theft Auto. In the game it was one of the most effective get away vehicles.

As parents, these are not great reasons for wanting a car, but in the teenage mind these are perfectly valid reasons. It is up to the adults in the household to decide how much a child's wants should be weighted against the down sides to a specific car. Many of the models that kids prefer to happen to be quite safe with a relatively low cost of insurance.

Finally, before rejecting the car that a child wants, remember what it was like being a teenager. Sometimes it is best to avoid a battle at all. If your teenager is willing to get a job and pay for the insurance, perhaps it is okay if they drive a vehicle that happens to make a great get away car in a video game.

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