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Mysterious Lexus without a roof

Posted on Monday, January 16, 2012

Layman hardly anything seem strange in the appearance of the Lexus LFA, appeared before the public at the Tokyo tuning show. But connoisseurs of Japanese brands just pay attention: the version without a roof has not yet released, and last fall, representatives of the Lexus argued that such modification will not appear. At the Tokyo event, the car appeared seemingly as an afterthought, taking part in demonstration rides of various other sports cars.

Now fans Lexus are wondering: is shown a machine-car show, created in a single copy, or pre-production prototype. It should be noted that the coupe Lexus LFA are not available: it produced a limited edition of 500 copies, and they are all sold out. The emergence of open versions would be the second debut of the supercar.

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Tuning: Coupe Toyota GT 86

coupe toyota gt 86Sport coupe Toyota GT 86 is simply created for all-round improvements — coupe has good sport potential, but appearance of the serial version won't name too impudent. To develop the first and fix second undertook masters of tuning from Toyota Racing Development studio. The result of their works has been presented on the Tokyo tuning show which has opened in the end of last week.

Experts in external design have prepared the full weather-cloth consisting of a wide spoiler under a front bumper, mouldings on thresholds, the powerful choke tube in a rear bumper and an accurate spoiler on a boot lid. Supplement an effective image 18-inch wheel disks TRD. Interior designers offer sports armchairs-ladles, other lever handle of transmission, the button of a starting engine operation and a set of additional devices on a front panel.

Thoroughly worked hard and experts on iron: for coupe GT 86 is ready adjustable sport suspension, thicker front and rear stabilizers, carbon brace under the hood, the braking system with 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston rear, and a sports exhaust tract, ending 4 tailpipes under the rear bumper. Remained intact, only 200-hp naturally aspirated engine.

coupe toyota gt 86

coupe toyota gt 86

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Used cars are best for new drivers

Posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not much beats the feeling of passing a driving test after all those lessons. But in the cold light of day, the truth many new motorists are finding out is that going on to buy a brand new car is almost impossible as prices are so high. What’s the solution? That’s an easy one- buy second hand!

Yes, the best thing about getting a pre owned auto is that prices are in a totally different league when compared to brand new ones. You’ll be looking at significantly lower numbers across a massive range of used cars for sale, and that means something really rather good is well within reach.

While it’s totally pointless to go out and buy something hugely fast, it is possible. The main aim for driving virgins is to keep costs as low as possible, and that includes up front ones as well as those associated with monthly running. A smaller car that’s frugal on fuel and inexpensive to insure and tax is definitely the best thing to get, and guess what? Buying one used will mean you really will spend next to nothing.

When many people hear ‘second hand’, they have images of broken down old bangers that are neither reliable nor fashionable. That’s a common misconception that’s totally wrong- nowadays you’ll see nothing but high quality autos that look no different to those in the showroom. Shopping online will give you the opportunity to browse through thousands quickly and easily as well. Paying less doesn’t mean you have to look like a wally.

So, after all the excitement and elation of earning a license, the last thing new drivers should do is look at brand new cars. Instead, check out the phenomenal range of used cars on the net and avoid the downers. Anything is possible if you look in the right place, and there are deals-a-plenty online!

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