Crosslane Coupe at Paris Auto Show

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2012

Audi at the Paris motor show demonstrated own vision of future crossover. And it should be a cheerful, aggressive, sporty, technological and economic. Basis crosslane coupe - spatial structure Multimaterial Space Frame, which consists of an aluminum alloy, carbon fiber-reinforced and reinforced polymer GFRP. Protecting passengers cell of welded aluminum profiles, front and rear zones, taking a blow in the accident, as well as the central tunnel, carbon fiber floor and sills. Plumage - polymer. Because of this, a lot of conceptual hybrid managed to hold at 1390 kg, despite the fact that it has on-board lithium-ion traction battery.


Audi crosslane coupe - is plug-in hybrid which battery can be recharged from a household electrical outlet or toll-phase 380-volt terminals. The power plant consists of a 1.5-liter supercharged three-cylinder TFSI engine with direct injection (130 h.p and 200 Nm), and the motor-generator (68 h.p and 210 Nm). The hybrid in the mixed cycle provides profitability only 1,1 liters on 100 kilometers of a way and CO2 it emits only 26 grams per kilometer.


It can not be called a wimp, acceleration to 100 km/h - 8.6 seconds in mixed mode and 9.8 - in electric. The electric Crosslane coupe can move at speeds up to 130 km/h After that, turn the main source of mechanical energy becomes three-cylinder engine, but during intense acceleration motor could still be included in the work.

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