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Honda Civic specifications

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012

Although it began life as primarily a motorcycle manufacturing company, Honda is now just as well-known throughout the world for the cars it produces as well as for its bikes. Honda is currently the seventh biggest automobile producer in the world, and the second largest in Japan with one of its key vehicles being the Civic range. These mid-size hatchback vehicles have been a part of the Honda range for a number of years now with the company releasing new versions pretty much every year recently, and given that the Civic range is competing against Honda’s biggest Japanese rival Toyota, with its Auris range, the importance of the Civic is even more clear. You can find different versions on sites such as for great cheap prices.


Thus the version which Honda debuted at the Frankfurt motor show in September 2011 needed to be a real advance in terms of the specifications compared with previous versions of the car, and this certainly proved to be the case. As with early Civic releases this one came in a number of different trim levels – the ES, SE, EX and EX GT - each of which carried different specifications. For example, the ES version has Bluetooth capability, dual-zone air-conditioning, automatic windscreen wipers and headlights, cruise control with speed limiter and rear parking camera alongside other features. However two features which all the versions of the Civic are now include are Collision Mitigation Braking System and the Adaptive Cruise Control – both of which are innovative features developed by Honda and have been included with the company’s other cars for some time now.


When it comes to the engine choice this version of the Civic offers buyers the choice of two petrol engines – a 1.4 or a 1.8 litre one – and a single 2.2 litre diesel one with the latter likely  be more fuel efficient, but also noisier than the petrol ones. The Civic also now features the option of ECON, which is designed to further improve its fuel efficiency and subsequent environmental impact – an area that Honda has shown a commitment to since the 1970s.



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