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New Ford Mondeo and other 5 novelties

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2012

Concern Ford decided that in the ongoing crisis automotive industry best defense - to attack. On the eve of the Paris Motor Show in Amsterdam gathered the entire top of the European division of Ford - CEO, five vice presidents, as well as leading designers and technicians - to speak before a large audience of 2,500 representatives of dealerships, as well as journalists. In the model number of the company there are such significant changes that the leadership, Ford has decided to thoroughly explain to the public what awaits customers in the future. Argued that such a big debut of the new models have not been in the history of the brand.

The trick here is that on the one hand a manufacturer introduces a wide range of fresh developments, and on the other hand, found a way to drastically save, giving up the separation of model lines to the American, European, Asian, Latin American, as it always was. It seems there is a lot of novelties, and actually the scale of models and updatings becomes limited.


In previous years, the company held the opinion that it's impossible to please customers all over the world at once. Some models - Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo - were focused primarily on Europe. And, say, a large sedan sold in America under the name Fusion, was not intended for the Europe. Six years ago, the situation began to change: the strategy was presented One Ford, means that this practice will begin to phase out. It's time to get rid of the "double". Instead of two crossovers - Escape and Kuga - has produced a novelty. Similarly, replacing the European Mondeo and U.S. Fusion comes a single model. Further unification continue. If today 43% of the cars made ​​by Ford global platforms, over the next five years, the proportion is expected to grow to 71%, said at the Amsterdam event President Alan Mulally.

New Ford Mondeo: Go further

According to the creator of the design new Mondeo Chris Hamilton, that style machines - this is what will allow the company to stand out in the new world are equally good cars and implement it's new slogan «Go further». From now on, the bet on an emotional connection with consumers. Looking at the latest generation of Ford's model, we have to admit that the car will not get lost in the background of the recently submitted beautiful next-generation Mazda 6 and the other competitors. Rejecting the old corporate identity, to be called kinetic design Ford company could find for their machines new image. Annoy some fussy old thing of the past: the car began to look more solid and sporty at the same time. Grille evokes unequivocal association with models Aston Martin, but hardly anyone will say that the legendary British brand - bad role model.

If the old Mondeo was overgrown class D, the novelty has slightly increased in size, and it can be without any exaggeration to compare with the Toyota Camry and Nissan Teana. A change made ​​to the stuffing of Ford models, perhaps even more remarkable. Ford without false modesty say , that set a goal to become the leading company in terms of efficiency of cars and to reduce CO2 emissions of their cars. Therefore, instead of the base 1.6-liter four Mondeo will receive a 3-cylinder engine volume of 1 liter. And, thanks to a turbo-supercharging it even more powerful than the former junior Motor: 125 vs.120 h.p The new unit has already received the prestigious Engine of the Year.

Another innovation on the technical side - is the emergence of hybrid and electric versions. The last belongs to the category of Plug-in Hybryd Electric Vehicle (PHEV), that allow you to make short trips and accelerate to 100 km/h solely on electricity, and when the battery charge is depleted, the case enters a traditional engine. Argued that the combined cycle such modification will consume only 2.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Ford EcoSport: Fusion of Brazil

Compact crossover, which has already started production in Brazil, is intended to compete with such entered into the fashion models as Nissan Juke and Kia Soul, as well as entering the market new Opel Mokka and Chevrolet Tracker. It is interesting that at the time Ford was one of the pioneers of this class, having started in 2002 miniature Fusion, but then in the West, he won success. But in Latin America, where the Fusion releases under the name EcoSport, decided to develop the idea: in previous years, there have brought to market four-wheel drive Fusion, and now there developed a completely new model, which is probably a great success in Russia.

EcoSport is built on a platform of Fiesta, but it's noticeably larger. This crossover in almost all respects than, say, Skoda Yeti. At length he surpasses the Czech model by 18 mm (4241 mm) in width - 64 mm (2057 mm) and a height of - 5 mm (1696 mm). He concedes only to the wheelbase - 2521 mm to 2578 mm. But in order to further increase the space inside the car, the creators of SUV carried spare tire on the back door.

Like most competitors Ford EcoSport will be produced in front version, because of transmission and 4×4. Gamma engine promises to be quite broad, and here the 1-liter turbocharged unit with 125 power - in the right place! Alternative would amount to atmospheric quartet of 1.5, 1.6 and 2 liter and 1.5-liter turbodiesel.

Ford Fiesta Updated

Initially, the new Fiesta looks differently, but now designers had to radically alter it's "person" in accordance with the new policy of the company. Though the overall silhouette, doors, fenders, roof, it was impossible to touch - not an easy task. First Ford has already shown a hot Fiesta ST, but now we first saw the civilian version, and I must admit it: turned fine!

Salon last Fiesta was one of the most interesting in the class, so Ford designers almost did not touch it. But here's equipment increased seriously. Ford are proud to say that they got a lot of entry-level equipment, which previously found only on machines with two classes above. It's about multimedia system SYNC (its main feature - control via voice commands), the system of automatic emergency braking and the Smart ignition key MyKey. About last i must tell a little more. This feature allows parents to reconfigure the machine, if they give it to children who don't have much experience driving. You can limit the maximum speed of the machine, disable ESP off and not let off the buzzer, seat belt warning. Moreover, MyKey prohibit listening to music, while the driver and front passenger are not wearing. By the way, even after fastening volume may be limited during the trip for safety.

Ford Transit: Stylish trucks

The new Transit van also contributes to reducing the number of redundant models in different markets. In America, this model is now will replace Ford E-Series. In general, the changes that have occurred in the family van and minibuses Transit Tourneo - a design change to become a global car models. But, of course, in the line of commercial vehicles - a logic of development and it's design finds.

Representatives of the Ford explain: driving a large Transit usually works hired driver who is not too worried about the minor damage the body. So modelers have taken care of protecting the body unpainted plastic. But the heel Transit Connect is addressed to small business owners, who often personally lead retail delivery van, and drive off on it, say, shopping for the family. Here design requirements are quite different, and sort of went Connect dandy. By the standards of commercial vehicles, of course. His face with slanted headlights, a wide mouth grille and protruding spoiler below the front bumper as if alluding to the relationship with the hot hatchback Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

The same, of course, can be said about debuted at the Amsterdam event  the passenger car Tourneo Connect. This model will be available in 5 - and 7-seater versions, and will receive all of the wonders of technology, which got cars Ford last generation multimedia system SYNC and the key MyKey.

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    what a fanstastic looking Tourneo Connect well done ford.I hope the seven seater version is on sale soon because it will make a great taxi and maybe cheaper than galaxy at over 20k whitch is out of many taxi driver's budget.
    So hurry up ford i want one NOW.

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