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New Volkswagen Golf VII

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new volkswagen golf VIIVolkswagen has officially presented the new generation of the legendary Golf, which is available in a total of 36 years and has sold 29 million copies. That Golf is actually a founder of a new class in the automotive industry, which is still widely called - "Golf class".

Golf VII is based on an entirely new platform, but apparently the car is made in the style of the previous generation. Surprised this is not necessary - germans now don't like to experiment with the design. Golf VII is more than it's predecessor. Car wheelbase increased by 59 mm, and the length has increased by 56 mm. Increased and the amount of luggage, which now 380 liters.

new volkswagen golf VII

Changed and lounge. The center console is now touch-screen, and in some markets it will be in the basic equipment, and other updates here is more than enough.

new volkswagen golf VII

Suffices in the new Golf and security systems. This is not just a pillow or stabilization system. Golf VII is equipped with "intelligent" brakes which stop the car after the accident (this helps to avoid repeated collisions) system seat belt in the event of a potential threat of collision (the electronics itself will close the sunroof and windows), adaptive cruise control, which is able to work at speeds up to 150 km/h and the brake itself if necessary, and so on.

new volkswagen golf VII

new volkswagen golf VII

However, there is no information about prices. Most likely, they will not change dramatically. Golf continues to be one of the most expensive models in the segment. And one of the best.

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