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Opel Adam before Paris Auto Show

Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Europe, with it's narrow streets small car Adam, for sure, will be in high demand. And the fact that Opel Adam is really small, make no mistake. It's length is 3.7 m, then it turns out that it's the smallest in the range of Opel - for comparison, Opel Corsa, which also can not be called a big car, has from nose to tail, 4 meters. From the technical point of view here everything is standard. Front suspension - MacPherson strut, rear - beam. 


Power steering - electromechanical, engine while there will be three. The base 1.2-liter engine produces 70 h.p and a 1.4-liter unit develops 87 h.p or 100 h.p depending on the version. A little later, promise to start production of cars with the latest three-cylinder supercharged engine. In this case, while engines will be offered only with manual transmission using a stop-start system and the automatic transmission is not available for Adam. This is understandable - the Europeans do not usually buy small cars with automatic transmission.

And if technical point of view is traditional, the interior design of the car buyer can choose. Opel already has three design versions. The first, called Jam will be for fashion people - bright colors design, youth style and so on. Opel Adam Glam - is more elegant cars, with slightly cooler colors. And Slam - is for sport fans. By the way, the buyer can choose another color and interior trim. And, in this case it's not only the seats but also the color of the plastic in the cabin. In addition, it will be possible to paint the roof alone! In general, in the case of Opel Adam build your own car would be fairly simple.

Europe Opel Adam will get a very decent equipment. Already in the database machine has six airbags, stabilization system, 16-inch wheels. A list of options is an automatic parking system, heated steering wheel, a multimedia complex called IntelliLink, which can be integrated with the iPhone or smartphones based on Android. The last thing is very interesting - it can help to the big screen in the center of the front panel display the data of the navigation system. Moreover, the one uploaded to the phone. This automatically solves the problem of map updates. Yes, and your favorite music can also be listened to without any problems.

Prices for the model will be announced very soon.

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