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Preparing Your Car for the Winter

Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2012

Preparation is extremely important when it comes to driving during the different seasons of the year and this is especially true in the run up to winter. You’ve already spent a lot of money on the vehicle, either in cash or maybe you bought it using car finance, so you want to take care of it! Preparing your car for the winter is a must for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you are likely to encounter freezing conditions and this can cause a number of problems for your car. You need to ensure that your car is safe to drive on the slippery, icy roads that you will no doubt experience during the winter. Aside from preparing yourself for the these somewhat compromising driving conditions, you have to prepare your car as well. Being prepared will help save you a lot of trouble and more importantly, help to prevent accidents from occurring.

If you are unable to do basic car maintenance yourself, always take your car to a qualified and reliable mechanic. It is best to have your car thoroughly checked before the winter season is in full swing if at all possible, especially if you have an old car. The battery, brakes, thermostat and heater are a few top priorities. The tires also need to be checked for tread as worn tires will be no good in the icy conditions. You can buy special winter tires but most other tires will be fine so long as  the tread is at least 3mm deep. In terms of road safety and accident prevention, your brakes and tires are your top priority. Road surfaces are slippery and treacherous when winter sets in.

It is also advisable that you wash your car before the winter and then apply a coating of wax. This will help to prevent corrosion during the winter season. Salt is usually placed on the road on a regular basis to neutralize the slippery conditions of the winter roads and this can cause corrosion and damage to your car. Washing and rinsing your car on a regular basis will minimize this potential damage to the paintwork and the exterior. Being diligent in this area will pay off in the long run.

 Another important aspect of your car that many people often neglect is the windshield/windscreen wipers. You might find that your standard wipers are not suitable for the winter season. If at all possible, it is best to secure winter wipers to prepare for the winter. Winter wipers are capable of clearing the heavy snow that may gather on your windscreen. It also pays to check that the wiper nozzles are clean and nothing is blocking them. You need the wiper fluid to reach your windshield or windscreen as quickly as possible in order to allow you to easily clear the snow.

If you follow the points we've mentioned in this article, you should be able to cope much more easily during the winter. Remember, preparing your car for winter involves preparing both the inside and outside of your car. Remember to have snow tires if possible (mainly for those living in climates with harsh winters) and check those brakes. Safety is the most important aspect of your preparations.

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