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The five cheapest cars to insure

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s fair to say that for many people the cost of running a car has gone up in the past few years, and this isn’t just due to rising fuel costs. Insurance too is getting more expensive for drivers in countries around Europe, and that’s not just limited to those who have just passed their tests. Some cars are much cheaper to insure than others, and whether you’re an Irish citizen looking to get car insurance from or you live elsewhere in Europe, there are cars that just cost less to get covered.

1. Fiat Panda

The motor on the Fiat Panda means that the car falls into insurance category one, so it’s pretty cheap to run as well as cheap to insure. It’s not a bad little vehicle either – WhatCar? said it’s “…fun and easy to drive.”

2. Fiat Qubo

The second Fiat on the list, the Qubo is another odd looking car. It’s like a TARDIS though – much bigger inside than it looks. According to WhatCar? it’s “comfortable, easy to drive and decently refined.”

3. Volkswagen Fox

Like you’d expect from a Volkswagen, the Fox is extremely well built, and does a pretty good job of holding its value, which means that if you ever do come to sell it you’ll get a reasonable price. Again, it’s not the best looking car on the market, but it’s one of the better priced models.

4. Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo has been one of the best little cars on the market since it was launched a few years ago, and its insurance category one engine means that it’s also one of the best value cars available too. Nearly 63 mpg means that it’s going to be top of many people’s shopping lists when it comes to cars that can save cash.

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