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Winter car safety

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter driving is fraught with potential accidents. 

It is vital to be extra careful, especially if conditions are icy or the weather impairs your vision. Skidding on ice can result in loss of control which in turn can lead to a collision which in severe cases could even prove fatal.

If you do have an accident that was not your fault, you could make a personal injury claim to help pay any medical bills and cover you if you need time off work to recuperate. Often after a car accident you may be victim to whiplash or trauma. Seeking medical advice is a must and companies such as or can help with medical advice and any compensation that you could be entitled to.  The best solution, however, is to drive safely and avoid accidents wherever possible.

Skidding on ice due to driving too quickly is one of the most common causes of winter car accidents. When the roads are slippery it is necessary to drastically reduce your speed so that you can maintain control of your vehicle even if you do hit a patch of ice.

If the roads are icy the best thing to do is delay your journey until it is safer to drive. If it cannot be avoided then make sure you allow plenty of time. If you are in a hurry you are far more likely to be in an accident.

Early evening darkness and blustery snowstorms can make it difficult to see clearly. Always use your headlights and be respectful of other drivers by dipping them when a vehicle approaches in the opposite direction.

Never set off with an unclear windscreen. The extra few minutes waiting for it to demist may seem like a waste of time but could in fact save lives. If the weather becomes so severe that you cannot see clearly ahead of you then pull over at the next safe junction and wait for it to pass before continuing your journey.

Take extra care of your car when the winter weather kicks in to ensure it does not fail you at a critical moment.

Be sure the brakes are working correctly and you have plenty of petrol, window wash and a spare tyre before heading out on a drive. Always take a fully-charged mobile phone and the number of a reliable breakdown service with you. Let friends or family know your planned route and estimated time of arrival.

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